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We, the members of the Independent American Party of Nevada, recognize that throughout human history most men have been slaves to man’s institutions of government; that through the providence of God, our American Forefathers, steeped in the traditions, values and discipline of Christianity, threw off the shackles of government by man; that Americans established a Constitutional Republic, a government of law, under God, rooted in Biblical law, which controlled and regulated government, liberating the people and making the government the servant of the people.

We declare: That the proper role of government as defined by The Declaration of Independence; The Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights is to protect the God given rights of Life, Liberty and Property; that usurpation of further power by government constitutes tyranny.

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Welcome to the Independent American Party of Nevada

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Have questions about Independent American Party of Nevada, or interested in joining? Please reach out — we’re happy to help.

6556 Coal Mine Canyon Road

Elko, NV 89801


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