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Vaxx Mandates and Passports

IAP Opposes Vaxx Mandates and Passports

This resolution was passed by the Independent American Party State Central Committee in September 2021.

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Preface to the Resolution: This link documents how nearly 50,000 Medicare patients have died soon after getting the Covid shot.


Resolution Opposing Mandates for Forced Inoculation of the Vaccine

and Health Passports


Whereas, the mandate from Joe Biden for forced vaccinations and passports is completely unconstitutional; and


Whereas, the members of Congress and their Staff are exempt from the mandate; and


Whereas, the Deep State is pushing for digital and health ID's, which is clear violation of American Privacy as guaranteed by the 4th Amendment; and


Whereas, there is no recognition of natural immunity in those who have had covid-19 and recovered; and  *1,2,3


Whereas, the vaccine itself jeopardizes the whole of humanity, and *4,5,6


Whereas, the Country of Israel is now the most vaccinated people of any country, yet now has become the Covid hot spot of the world; and *7


Whereas, Doctors Larry Palevsky and Sherri Tenpenny state that the vaccine is not even a vaccine, was never was meant to protect, and there is nothing in them that will protect against infection; and *8,9,10


Whereas, the government does not have authority to mandate the Covid shot,

(the FDA has not approved any vaccinations used in the United States).  It is, again, unconstitutional to force someone to take an untested unapproved experimental toxin that is shown to have tremendous detrimental side effects; and


Whereas the Covid injections produce a spike protein that results in many side affects including: mental breakdowns, blood clotting, infertility, and cause neurological issues, compromises the immune system, creates menstrual problems, enhances violent behaviors and contributes to death; and *11,12


Whereas, the Pfizer CEO predicts the need for annual Covid 19 booster shots showing the inefficacy of the vaccine in the first place; *13


Whereas, the true agenda of the mandate is to force lockdowns, destroy the economy, and to impose totalitarian control over us;


Therefore be it resolved, that the Independent American Party of Nevada will use every opportunity to thwart the enforcement of vaccine mandates and reject the passport scheme, regardless of personal stance on the vaccine.  Furthermore, we encourage our state and local officials under the Tenth Amendment to forcefully nullify the Federal Government's unconstitutional actions which negate our human and constitutionally protected rights.






*5   Dr Jane Ruby



*8   Larry Palevsky: licensed New York pediatrician. -delivery

*9   Sherry Tenpenny Osteopath Physian and author of 4 books Opposing vaccination.



*12  Dr. Ryan Cole: Spike Protein Dangers

*13 https://www.disclose.t.v./isreal-booster-doses-now-also-only-valued-for-6-months-

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