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Parental Rights

Parental Rights

Resolution for State Legislature 2023


Whereas, in a free, democratic society, the nuclear family is the foundational unit of society and parents have all rights and responsibilities for the care of their children;

Whereas, the current “woke” culture of anti-family socialism and soft tyranny undermines the parent-child relationship and seeks to criminalize parental rights.

Whereas, minors are historically protected from exposure to harm from drugs, alcohol and other such addictive and/or risky substances, and children under 18 years of age, cannot seek or approve medical care or undertake quasi-medical procedures (ear piercing, tattoos) for any purpose without parental consent

Whereas schools have been delegated by parents to provide the basics of education such as reading, writing, mathematics, fact-based history, science; and whereas the curriculum has become nothing more than propaganda; and whereas local, state and national testing all demonstrate conclusively that schools are failing in this respect; and, notwithstanding such failure, have in many cases denied access to parents, advocated against parents’ wishes and rights, are not transparent, and are grooming children to be transgenders and encouraging children to mutilate and sterilize their bodies;

Whereas, the parents are responsible for the optimum education and development of their child, and parents have the right to choose the school most appropriate to their children.

Therefore be it resolved that the Independent American Party of Nevada, the state affiliate of the Constitution Party strongly supports parental rights

We insist that government at all levels must be bound by a “first do no harm” policy regarding parent-child relationships, including issues such as medical care (physical and mental) associated with gender confusion. These procedures and treatment options can lead to permanent sterility, mutilation, and other harms not yet identified, have no proven benefit to children and young adults who are suffering, in the view of many professionals from a “mass psychosis” or “social contagion” event; with most children and young adults with no treatment successfully navigate gender identity concerns to a healthy, normal identification with their God-given sex, male or female;

Be it further resolved that affirming confusion, promoting social contagion, fostering symptoms of mental illness, and propagandizing current morally bankrupt cultural ideas are not within the scope of any adult-child relationship in any school, church or professional or social setting. Schools may not interfere between children and parents, advocate against parental wishes, or fail to inform, and parents must be included in any and all discussions about curriculum and/or behavioral issues, including gender, sex, drugs.,

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