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The "Climate Change" Hoax

Climate Change is a Hoax

Resolution for State Legislature 2023

Climate Change.jpg

Whereas, all scientists acknowledge that the climate changes, and has changed over eons; however our current administration is pushing the ideology that climate change is catastrophic and that mankind is heading for horrible disasters.

Whereas, billions of taxpayer dollars are being used to subsidize green energy programs that are extremely destructive economically causing costs to rise for fuel, power, transportation and food.

Whereas government actions are causing horrific ecological damage that is readily apparent, but not limited to birds, flora and fauna killed by solar panels; whales, fish and birds killed by windmills.

Whereas this administration continues to abolish production and use of hydrocarbons, and subsidized alternative energy has proven more expensive, less efficient and less reliable than energy derived from gas, oil, coal and nuclear energy, and will result in the eventual and inevitable shortage of energy.

Whereas the government is using fear, panic, hysteria, and false information to force humanity into an unsustainable future of poverty.

Therefore be it resolved that the Independent American Party of Nevada the State Affiliate of the Constitution Party strongly condemns and denounces the current actions of the Federal Government which include supporting an unelected “climate czar” to travel globally without oversight, signing agreements with multiple countries and global organizations (WEF, UN), working to unconstitutionally suppress free speech, and making every attempt through Executive Orders and bureaucratic regulations to implement policies that are harmful to human prosperity, destructive to the entire ecological system and endangering the health, life and safety of American citizens.

Be it further resolved that the most vigorous efforts should be exercised to educate the public and our State legislators about the importance of using all available means of energy production, including drilling, fracking, mining coal. and nuclear production with the goal of energy independence for our state and our nation, actions which will result in lower consumer costs, a robust national economy, and a strong national defense program.

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