The Independent American Party of Nevada is the third largest and fastest growing political party in the state, with over 69,000 registered voters! In 2010, four of our candidates were elected in partisan races.

We recognize that throughout human history most men have been slaves to man’s institutions of government; that through the wisdom of the Founding Fathers, in accordance with our Judeo-Christian traditions, those men threw off the shackles of tyranny. We declare: That the proper role of government as defined by The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights is to protect the rights of Life, Liberty and Property, endowed to us by Divine Providence.

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Want to make a difference? Unhappy with what is happening to our Country?

Building the Independent American Party
By John Wagner, State Chairman

Be a candidate. There is no more effective way to build the party. When you attend candidate nights, utilize the free media, hand out party literature, and talk with friends and neighbors, you are building the party.

Regular local meetings: Local county organizations should hold regular meetings (according to their Bylaws) to promote the party and plan to participate in events to build the party. Most party building will take place at the local level.

Participate in Activities/Events to build the party:
  • Candidate events to promote our candidates
  • Gun Shows
  • Tea Party Meetings & Rallies
  • Parades
  • County & State Fairs
  • Other Community events like: Carson City Rendezvous’, Gun Rallies, Fourth of July Events
  • Local City and County Government meetings
  • Coalition events
  • Public demonstrations
  • State Legislative meetings
  • Social events for fellowship, fun and fundraising, BBQ’s, Picnics, Election Parties

Internet & Media:
  • Send advance information on your local events to the State Webmaster to be placed on your county page.
  • Send a report of your events to the State Webmaster to be placed on your page.
  • Use other media: Advertise your events with free publicity, PSA, Talk Radio, Community Calendars, Letters to the Editor.
  • Make sure you have literature about the Party and Voter Registration forms at your events.
  • Have your social media site approved by the State Executive Committee.

Personal Calls: Several Counties have used registered voter lists to call Independent Americans and invite them to a meeting. You can get voter lists through the State Chairman. Be aware that it may take several hundred calls to get a few people to a meeting although it can be effective.

If you are not a chartered county you must get the charter form from the State Chairman. You will need to hold a meeting, elect officers, approve the bylaws and turn in your charter form to the State Chairman.

Register as an Independent American Party voter now.
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You can still vote for anyone that you want, but you will be an Independent American.

Important-We need to update our IAP registered voter database.

You can help the IAP save our state by updating your information in our database. This information is used only by the IAP to inform our voters what is happening with the IAP. Stay informed. You can make a difference. You will receive the IAP Buffalos newsletter and any important announcements about the IAP.

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IAP State Central Committee Meeting Resolutions
October 19, 2013

These 3 resolutions were passed.

Are you an Independent American?

  1. Do you think taxes are too high and government is too big?”
  2. Are you sick of American jobs going overseas, or out of our country?
  3. Do you oppose Obamacare and the federal takeover of healthcare?
  4. Do you believe that Americans have the right to own guns and protect themselves?
  5. Do you believe politicians and government should strictly adhere to the U.S. Constitution and our laws?
  6. Do you think it is wrong for 91% of Nevada to be controlled by the Federal Government?
  7. Do you oppose illegal immigration and support the repeal of all tax funded benefits going to illegals?
  8. Should America retain its Independence and not become subject to a Global Government?
  9. Do you believe that marriage should be exclusively between a man and a woman?
  10. Do you believe that babies have the right to be born?
  11. Do you think the IRS abuses Citizens?
  12. Do you believe in the right to a trial by a jury of your peers instead of being tried by a Court composed of Government Bureaucrats?
  13. Would you like to stop being required to give out your Social Security number all the time because you think it is an invasion of privacy and contributes to identity theft?
    If you answered yes to most of these questions, you should register and vote as an Independent American. If you would like to know more about this exciting political party that believes the way you do, please contact us, we will send you more information