Celebrate Liberty

By Janine Hansen

As we see our beloved America in the throws of disintegration, we have no pleasure in saying, “We told you so.” We are, however, busily preparing for the time when, after our Lord Jesus Christ has cleansed the nation, we can participate in the restoration of our inspired Constitution and hence, the return of our God-given liberties.
We should all celebrate that we are independent Americans, members of the great national Constitution Party, blessed with an understanding of the sacrifices necessary to regain our liberties, unencumbered by the counterfeit schemes of the twin parties.

We should celebrate our heritage from the founding fathers of our nation, who freely gave us the Constitution and understood more than any of us can, that freedom isn’t free. We should celebrate those who had the vision to found our Constitution Party, Howard Phillips, Bill Shearer, Dan Hansen, Jim Clymer, Darrell Castle, Ted Adams and so many more. They understood the treachery of “the lesser of two evils” and had courage not to weary or surrender in this great epoch battle.

As we meet for this great presidential nominating convention, we can celebrate as did the small chosen band of Gideon against the mighty Midianites, knowing that, as we lean on the arm of the Lord, He will light our lamps and sound our trumpets as we battle for the hearts and minds of our neighbors and friends.

We should celebrate that we have been given opportunities that few have ever known throughout the generations. We have the gift and blessing of exercising free speech. Especially as candidates, we have unlimited opportunities on the Internet, on Youtube, at candidate events, with our neighbors, in the media and through the printed word, of serving our country, our families, and our God, as ambassadors for the truth. We should not take this gift for granted. Without regard for our weaknesses or fears, we should rejoice in this opportunity to serve our fellow men by speaking the truth, which in and of itself, has great power.

John Quincy Adams reminded us that, “Duty is ours. Results are God’s.” This should put our minds at ease…we need not worry about winning, or spending more than we can afford, or doing more than we are able. We must commit to doing all that God would have us do and then, if our offering is great or small, it will be enough.

When John Adams was preparing to sign the Declaration of Independence he said, “Through the thick gloom of the present, I see the brightness of the future as the sun in heaven. We shall make this a glorious an immortal day. When we are in our graves, our children will honor it. They will celebrate it with thanksgiving, with festivity, with bonfires, and illuminations…

“Before God, I believe the hour is come. My judgment approves this measure, and my whole heart is in it. All that I have, and all that I am, and all that I hope, in this life, I am now ready here to stake upon it; and I leave off as I began, that live or die, survive or perish, I am for the Declaration. It is my living sentiment, and by the blessing of God it shall be my dying sentiment. Independence now, and Independence forever.” John Adams

Let us go forth in the spirit and power of John Adams. Our times are no more gloomy than were those of our forefathers facing the tyranny of the greatest nation on earth. They knew in whom they could trust.

The miracles of the War for Independence and the Constitution did not happen by themselves. They happened as God raised up and honored the faithful sacrifice of his servants. Those, like George Washington, who laid their lives on the alter of liberty and were willing to sacrifice all, were guided and protected by the hand of God, that their posterity, you and I, might enjoy the blessings of liberty.

We can celebrate that great gift of liberty by exercising it. I first ran for office in 1976, as the Independent American candidate for Congress. I kept us on the ballot that year, so that we might run another day. Since 2002, I have run for state or local office, in every election year. Did I want to run this year again? No. I found myself praying for months that this burden, this sacrifice, might not be mine again. But, the Lord’s grace was upon me and I received His unequivocal answer that it was His will that I run again. Indeed, that I should stand as an ambassador for the truth.

I’m sure that many times at Valley Forge, there were those who doubted that their puny efforts were worth it. But, through the vision of history, we know that the sacrifices of each of those citizen soldiers were worth it. We celebrate their sacrifices today. And we cannot, we must not, forget that we are the citizen soldiers of our day, marching on through the cold of ridicule and ignorance, carrying the torch of liberty for our posterity.

Let us celebrate and cherish our liberty and do as our predecessors have done, offer our own lives as ambassadors and citizen soldiers in the eternal battle for liberty.

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