Growing the Independent American Party

By John Wagner, State Chairman 

Be a candidate or help a campaign. There is no more effective way to grow the party than being a candidate.  When you are a candidate you are an effective ambassador for the party. You need to use your candidacy to recruit Independent American voters and grow the party.  When you attend candidate nights, utilize the free media, hand out party literature, educate on the issues, talk with friends and neighbors and register your supporters to vote, you are growing the party.  People will join the party, but you must ask them to do so. Building relationships are important.

Regular local meetings: Local county organizations should hold regular meetings (according to their Bylaws) to promote the party and plan to participate in events to grow the party.   Most party growing will take place at the local level.

Participate in Activities/Events to build the party:

·      Candidate events to promote our candidates

·      Gun Shows

·      Tea Party Meetings & Rallies

·      Parades

·      County & State Fairs

·      Other Community events like: Carson City Rendezvous’, Gun Rallies, Fourth of July Events

·      Local City and County Government meetings

·      Coalition events

·      Public demonstrations

·      State Legislative meetings

·      Social events for fellowship, fun and fundraising, BBQ’s, Picnics, Election Parties

·      Planned and advertized events

Internet & Media:

·      Send advance information on your local events to the State Webmaster to be placed on your county page.

·      Send a report of your events to the State Webmaster to be placed on your page.

·      Use other media: Advertise your events with free publicity, PSA, Talk Radio, Community Calendars, Letters to the Editor.

·      Make sure you have literature about the Party and Voter Registration forms at your events.

·      Have your social media site approved by the State Executive Committee. 

Personal Calls: Several Counties have used registered voter lists to call Independent Americans and invite them to a meeting. You can get voter lists through the State Chairman. Be aware that it may take several hundred calls to get a few people to a meeting although it can be effective.

If you are not a chartered county you must get the charter form from the State Chairman. You will need to hold a meeting, elect officers, approve the bylaws and turn in your charter form to the State Chairman.


Had Enough? Make a Difference!

Let your voice be heard. Register as an Independent American Party Voter.

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